How M studio Grew Organic Traffic 525% with RankmySEO

Customer Success Story




MStudio Bethesda, founded by industry veteran Michael Nunez Mattovich, had already established itself as one of the top hair salons in Bethesda, MD. With premium services like coloring, cutting, keratin treatments, and special occasion styling, MStudio’s primary goal was not only to provide excellent services but also to ensure each client felt valued and understood.

However, in the digital age, having quality services is only half the battle. The challenge was to ensure that MStudio Bethesda reached its potential clients effectively online. That’s where RankmySEO came into play.



Despite offering top-notch services, MStudio Bethesda’s online presence wasn’t reflecting its market reputation. The organic traffic was low, and the website wasn’t ranking for key industry-specific keywords.


  • Keyword Analysis and Implementation: We dove deep into the salon industry, identifying primary and secondary keywords that potential clients were using to search for services that MStudio Bethesda offered. These keywords were strategically integrated into the website’s content, meta tags, and alt descriptions.
  • On-Page SEO: Enhancements were made to the website structure, ensuring quick load times, mobile optimization, and user-friendly navigation.
  • Content Creation: A blog section was introduced, publishing articles related to hair care, style tips, and benefits of various hair treatments, all aimed at attracting and retaining potential clients.
  • Backlink Strategy: Leveraging our extensive network, we created high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in the beauty and wellness domain.
  • Local SEO: With the salon’s primary target being Bethesda, MD, we emphasized local SEO strategies, ensuring MStudio Bethesda showed up in local searches and Google’s “near me” results.
  • Regular Analysis and Feedback: Monthly audits were conducted, ensuring any needed adjustments could be made swiftly to maintain upward momentum.



  • Within the first three months, there was a 150% increase in organic traffic. As we adjusted our strategies based on monthly performance data, MStudio Bethesda began ranking for multiple competitive keywords. By the end of the year, the consistent efforts bore fruit – a whopping 525% increase in organic traffic.
  • Additionally, the influx wasn’t just about numbers. The bounce rate decreased, the average session duration increased, and most importantly, there was a significant rise in online appointment bookings, indicating high-quality traffic.



MStudio Bethesda’s partnership with RankmySEO proved to be transformative. By aligning technical expertise with MStudio’s core values and services, we ensured that their digital footprint was as outstanding as their in-salon experience.